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Coping With Anger

A useful article by Jeffrey Brantley at on using mindfulness to cope with feelings of anger.

Brantley recommends that we experience our anger mindfully, rather than trying to make it go away. Coping with anger mindfully means allowing it to be. The full article is worth reading. I highly recommend reading the whole article. Here, though, is a distillation of the steps Brantley recommends:

Recognize that anger exists in time and won’t last forever (even if it feels like it will)

Be an observer of your own anger. Put emotion words to the feeling of anger and any other feelings that go along with it.

Observe the “causes and conditions” of your anger; chances are that underneath your anger is fear or another emotion. Listen to it non-judgmentally, with a “spirit of curiosity.”

When you are feeling angry, direct your attention to body sensations. This is a way of experiencing anger differently.

Befriend your anger. Notice it as suffering.

Offer compassion to yourself.