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Free Online Meditations (audio unless otherwise specified):  

Self-Compassion (scripts)  ~ Jack Cornfield  ~   Freemindfulness.org   ~  Tara Brach  ~  UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center  ~   Dartmouth College Guided Meditations  ~  Integrative Health Partners

Free Videos from the Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy:

Jason McVicker on Loving Kindness


How To Meditate

Making Meditation a Habit

Mindfulness and Anxiety

Mindfulness Muse Blog

Meditation and Daily Routine

John Kabat Zinn interviewed on 60 Minutes

Recommended Phone Apps

Headspace (learn to meditate in 10 minutes per day; instruction and guided meditations)  ~ buddhify (guided meditations; tracks your practice)  ~  Meditation Oasis (a suite of apps including instruction, guided meditations, and meditations focused on stress and anxiety)