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Crisis Survival

Crisis Survival Video Short from Marsha Linehan

When to Use Crisis Survival Skills

Ruth Buczynski video of Marsha Linehan: “Using Mindfulness to Regain Control During Crisis”–discusses the biology of paced breathing, distraction, and other techniques for crisis management.

Debbie Corso’s blog, My Daily DBT: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Tips, Examples, and Information.

stop signThe STOP Skill

Stop, Take a step backObserveProceed mindfully.

The Lakeview Center’s Samantha Fenno, PhD, LCSW (that’s me!) discusses the STOP skill in a short video.



Distract with Wise Mind ACCEPTS

Activities     Coloring Books for Adults     OMBY–the Moby Dick word scramble app

Contirubuting     Help Us Improve the Blog–write a comment      Create the Good–search engine for volunteer work


other Emotions     Songza music app (free)

Pushing away

different Thoughts        OMBY–the Moby Dick word scramble app

strong Sensations

IMPROVE the Moment

Imagery        Peaceful Place Meditation




One Thing at a Time

brief Vacation

Encouragement     Santa Klaus is Coming to Town–Put One Foot In Front Of the Other (encouraging “One Thing at a Time”)     Dory, Finding Nemo–Just Keep Swimming     Sesame Street, Big Bird–Everyone Makes Mistakes


Soothe the Five Senses

Peter Levine on Containing Trauma with Body Postures Peter Levine is the founder of something called Somatic Experiencing, which those who have a history of trauma may find useful. In this video, he demonstrates postures that can soothe and contain in difficult moments. (The whole video is worth watching; he begins to demonstrate the postures around 1:55.)