Songza for Different Emotions

In the Crisis Survival acronym, ACCEPTS, the letter ‘E’ stands for Emotions–and more particularly, for “different Emotions” from the ones we are feeling. The thought is that tuning in to another, perhaps equally intense emotion, can help us detach a bit from the strong feelings we’re experiencing in our crises. One of Marsha Lineman’s suggestions is listening to emotional music–and this is where Songza comes in. Songza is a FREE music app for your phone with a special feature: Playlists organized by mood. In Songza, you can listen to playlists organized around any of 20 different moods–among them angry, aggressive, confident, dark, happy, mellow, rowdy, and sad. So if you’re feeling angry, pick the “happy” playlist; or if that seems to incongruent, pick the “sad” or the “mellow” one–anything that isn’t your current mood.

Songza homepage

Songza for iPhone

Songza for Android phones


Distress Tolerance: Omby–for a cumulative distraction

Here’s a distraction that may interest some: Unscramble bits and pieces of Melville’s Moby Dick with a phone app called Omby. Though it’s best not to over-use distraction skills–relentless crisis probably means other skills are called for too–a bonus here is that one can eventually unscramble the whole novel. As a distraction skill, this could be filed under Activities or Thoughts in the ACCEPTS crisis distraction skills. And if it’s one of your values to read the classics, go ahead and double-dip: you’re distracting with something effective for Emotion Regulation! Read more about the Omby app here–or click the image below to access the iOS version.

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