How Emotions Communicate

“Our social bonds are enhanced through emotion sharing because the support we receive from our relational partners increases our sense of closeness and interdependence.”

What good are emotions? What are we doing when we express something neutrally, versus tearfully or with great enthusiasm? If we experience difficult or overwhelming emotion, we might come to think of much emotional communication as anything from mildly embarrassing to downright shameful. This useful article helps map the terrain of emotional communication–what it does for us, and how and where one’s own emotions and those of others can be difficult.


DBT Self-Help Website

Click here to access a wonderful client-generated resource by Lisa Dietz. Lisa writes on the site:

I began this website in 2001 because, at the time, there was very little DBT information on the internet geared toward DBT participants and graduates. Along with my colleagues, we were desperate to find a way to continue our DBT instruction or at least, stay updated on the skills. For me, staying active with the site has been a real gift. It has allowed me to remain active in DBT and be reminded of the skills to make my life a life worth living.

The website contains client-generated content relating to the four DBT skill sets: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Distress Tolerance, and Emotion Regulation. It also contains video scripts from Marsha Linehan (the founder of DBT), sample DBT diary cards, and links to scholarly research on DBT.

There is a tremendous amount of information here, so it helps to know what you came for. I recommend navigating the site by choosing a topic from the menu on the left and then letting yourself read and explore that topic–one thing at a time!